Flying Signs is pleased to welcome Capt Otto to our team.  

Capt Otto comes highly regarded and has lots of experience flying passenger jets during the 1970's and 80's.  

Today the Captain had his first introduction to tail-wheel flying.   Please visit our Facebook page to see a picture of the Captain.

It is unlikely that Captain Otto will be able to acquire a CASA License.   This may be due to his age, or the fact he cannot reach the controls.....or perhaps it is because he would not pass his medical....due to the absence of a pulse.

He may never fly JIR solo or pull any banners, regardless of his experience, however, he is a diligent and supportive member of the team.  

On a personal note, Captain Otto does not say anything and I would classify him as a "Quiet Achiever" who goes about his supportive role without demands or boisterous mannerisms.   He knows his job and his place (where he is put) and provides unswerving duty to the task given.

Please welcome Captain Otto to Flying Signs everyone.

Keep an eye out for his adventures with Flying Signs.