JIR was not feeling well during her visit to Evans Head and did not feel like coming home Sunday. Splash some cash for spares, bum a lift off some great friends, put her back together to make her feel all well again. The last aircraft to leave the Fly-In.

The flight home was wonderful (A bit turbulent however) but 500ft up one of the worlds most amazing beaches, the only thing missing was someones banner to show all those beach goers.

Home safe and sound in the hangar in Caboolture. Ready for the next adventure.

Thanks to the following;

Troy and Ceri from AeroTrek Adventures,
Ray and Wazza who own the DH Dove
Micheal from Black Swan Aircraft Maintenance
Cameron Rolf-Smith from Warbird Aviation.

and a huge thanks to Rod from the Evans Head Museum who gave JIR a hangar spot for the few days she was laid-up.

It is wonderful how the aviation family all pitch in when someone is in need of some help.

Thanks to all

Up early and down late = long hours, expensive parts, asking favors,sweating in the sun getting the job done, ensuring regulatory compliance, committing aviation...........and loving it.

THAT my friends.....IS AVIATION.